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Wonderlost: Lyrics


Watch the lyric video for “Wonderlost." Read the "Story Under the Song" for “Wonderlost” or listen to its episode on the Understory podcast. You can download the album or listen on YouTube. Donate on Patreon here.


Lyrics for “Wonderlost”

track 6 from Child Coming Home (album, 2019)

Verse 1: Have you lost your wonder? If so, do you wonder How it happened to you? Was it like clothes you outgrew through

Life’s dim and winding hallways? But wonder is with us always

If we’ll open, open our eyes

Breathe the night air Seek the sunrise

Chorus 1: Wake as a child

As a child

As a child

Verse 2: Forests cling to mountains. Will you cling to counting On your journey’s deeper purpose?

There is not a step that you’ve missed.

Reach out to the Father Of your spirits, sons and daughters.

There’s a city where your treasure Is enthroned in endless pleasure

Chorus 2: That His child That His child That every child is coming home

Verse 3: Will you give love to him Who rescued his Father’s children?

In him there’s nothing, Nothing you lack. Oh, no matter what holds you back,

Chorus 3: You’re His child

He loves you so


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