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New Father: Lyrics

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


Watch the lyric video for “New Father." (forthcoming) Read the "Story Under the Song" for “New Father” or listen to its episode on the Understory podcast. You can download the album or listen on YouTube. Donate on Patreon here.


Lyrics for “New Father”

track 8 from Child Coming Home (album, 2019)

Verse 1:

June 13th, the milk carton says,

Is when this drink will expire

And that date makes me think,

And, I admit, perspire

Because on June 13th my wife is due

To release to the world this child she grew And I admit that before I thought that I knew

How to keep from getting too hot and bothered.

But that was before, that was before, That was before I was a new father But now I’m a new father I am a new father

Verse 2: July 25th has come and gone

Another year since our wedding. I had so many dreams now gone from my life

Like the hair of a dog that is shedding But listen: one by one as I laid them down My heart was filled with a truth as light yet profound As the weight of my son I lift from the ground

And who with gentle voice says, “Father, I love you”

Bridge: When I was a child, I thought like a child I talked like a child. I reasoned like a child

But love grew me up

Love taught me that

It’s not about me So now I’m living for love Because love set me free

Verse 3: Decades pass like fading grass My child has grown in a moment I sang love’s song and he sang along But did I love him well? Has he known it? And though my heart does reach for days gone past I don’t fear for the future

I’m safe in the grasp

Of a fierce, grand love that will never elapse:

The Son of God laid down his life for my pardon

So I am a son, I am son, forever a son Of my Heavenly Father, my Heavenly Father

My Everlasting Father


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