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"Look At My To Do!" Lyrics - (Rap, 2019)

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Lyrics for "Look At My To Do":

I’m so tired of doing this, so tired of working it,

So tired and I feel so alone. Is it worth it?

How could I tell? What would be for the proof

that I haven’t wasted hours of my life so aloof from my family,

not the kind of man that I ought to be,

joining in the daily work of love in word and deed?

Do seeds on their way to the dirt

have an inkling of the kind rivening hurt

that’s entailed in the menial, solitary work

of dying for the world’s life, or do they fall in the murk

of unconsciousness and sleep that characterized

the first man of the earth before God opened His eyes,

then gave him a mouth to reply and to name what he saw,

or is doing what they do not an option at all?

‘Cause I’m aware of the burden. What’s real is the pain.

I’m depressed by the weather and the people that change.

I’m tired of the changes and of all the uncertainty.

I’m tired of these words and these eyes that hurting me.

Tired of my heart, so heavy at my station

beneath the load of other’s and of my expectations.

What I need’s not a flesh-breath but a fresh set of eyes

to regrasp how I’m blessed as expressed undisguised

in the best of the books from the best of all beings.

What I need is a gratitude born from new seeing.

Yes, yes. Gratitude, gratitude.

What I need is a brand new attitude.

Let’s see: what do I have to thank you for?

Help me take step back from the pressures, Lord.

I work a part time job on my off days

for the times that come when I’m not paid.

When I’m not paid, I won’t be afraid.

Even when I’m poor, my daddy’s rich; I will be okay.

More than that, ‘cause my Father is heavenly.

Here’s a list of the ways that he’s blessing me.

Number 1: to be perfectly frank, for the record

I was worried ‘bout the funds in my bank.

But the good Lord gave me opportunity to

work a little bit more, which brings me to Number 2.

Number 2 pencils out: take a note for the test.

I would not have had the strength to work

and do my best— I was irksome and testy—

until I took the rest he gave through a break in the days

when I’m pressing on till the break of dawn and I’m stressing.

Let’s just say I learned that sleep is a blessing.

And Number 3— how’d I learn that at all? —

through his gift of a family that doesn’t let me fall,

who speak the truth in love and call me out

when my mind’s awhirl and my heart’s in doubt. They say:

When you go to sleep, why’s your anger reeking?

When you set to work, why do act the weakling?

When you look at us, does a glimpse of glory sneak in?

We’re not just what we do and what we want.

We’re THE KING’s.

Take a look a Ephesians 1.

I pray your life will look and feel different when you’re done.

The blessings that you listed aren’t ones to shun,

but you’ve fixed your mind on life under the sun, not the Son.

Keep track, now: Verse 3,

first of all, we say blessed be

the God and Father of our Lord.

He gave us every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies

through Jesus Christ to whom we bend the knee.

Verse 4 — and that was before

the “there let be’s” that founded this orb

with its light and its sky and its sea and its land,

and the shrubs and trees, and the sun, moon, and stars so grand.

He planned of all of his creatures

a kind he would make who mirror his features

as hands and feet of the life of Trinity

a living, choosing body, loving and praising his divinity.

And though he knew that the sin we would choose

would creep into our hearts just use and abuse,

that we’d bruise his heel, he steeled his face

toward the master plan full of the master’s grace:

that we might regard the mirror always clean,

God’s own son, who came onto the scene

as a man, died for the ones who ran to make them pure and alive,

them to adopt with delight-- Verse 5--

to the praise of the glory of his grace, by which he freely gave us favor

from the Beloved Son’s face. Fix your eyes on him,

who though He knew no sin, verses 6, 7, 8, freely forgave us when

in his wisdom and delight he came into our moral night

and beat the dragon like a knight by dying as a blood sacrifice.

Verse 9 - the mystery divine -- the trellis that the vine climbs

put up before the dawn of time -- that every part of the Father’s garden

everywhere in the universe will bend before him.

Verse 10. His story is ours to rehearse.

Verse 12 and 11-- we’re treasured by heaven.

We’ve got a real part in the story that He’s telling

which He wrote on His own before,

and which He’s aiming toward what our hope is for:

that his glory will be praised and his name adored;

that the Christ will be acknowledged for the blood he’s poured.

Verse 13 - when we heard, team,

that by him we were saved who thirsting,

and we believed, He satisfied us with the Spirit’s power,

and He will keep us in His plan until final hour.

He has promised and His promises are always true.

So don’t you doubt and don’t lose your focus on the truth

that we are saved and not by work or merit of our own.

And that will still be true when we are praising by His throne.

I guess you could say nothing’s changed in today.

I still feel the pricks and the pangs of decay.

But this I can see in the light of the Son:

I’m to look at my “to do” through what He’s already done.

(c) 2019 Nate Spanos

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